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By choosing Visual Acoustics for all your security and entertainment needs, you will experience the pleasure of working with a single competent organization instead of having the hassle and aggravation of trying to coordinate multiple companies to integrate your electronic systems into a working design.

We have a rare combination of engineers, systems designers and installers that can provide creative designs, systems integration and flawless control of your home or business.

All installations are performed by professionally trained installers. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home. Expect the best, call us today!

Here's what our clients are saying...

I have to tell you that Michael and I have been absolutely impressed with your service and attention to detail. It is truly a breath of fresh air for us to be able to rely on you to do the right thing on our project. You are one of the only people that we feel we can trust throughout this project.

I was at the house for over an hour yesterday and this is what I overheard the electrician telling one of your guys (he did not realize that I was listening to his conversation):

"I've never seen any company who does Crestron/Lutron take so much care in their installations and do things with so much attention to detail".

He then pulled me aside to comment on how good a job he thinks you are doing for us.

Thanks for everything!

Thanks for being the best designer on the planet. It's amazing how you are working for us! best,_

"thanks for being so professional and really taking the time to help us on our project You're the first person my contractor has ever complemented in front of me he has told me fire every other sub ive brought onto the job"

Your guys came out yesterday afternoon, and everything seems to be working well now. Thank you very much for your responsiveness and great customer service. I really appreciate that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

You are the best! I am so glad I had this opportunity to work with you and your crew. I know this was a complicated job yet you handled with care and patience. I specially thank you for your assistance when things were difficult.

You are one classy dude...

My best to you and the rest of the crew. If I can ever be of service, do not hesitate to call on me... And if you want a testimonial for your website let me know I will be happy to do so.

Stay well,

thanks Marc. Very pleased so far and glad I chose to work with you and your company.

I would like to thank Marc and his team for his professionalism and fast action.

Visual Acoustics came to install cameras and DVR at our house and a few days latermy neighbors got robbed. The police asked us if we could provide the recorded footage of the camera we have at the gate.

I sent an email to Marc at 10;30pm that night because I was not familiar with how to do it..... his team arrived at my house the next morning and a few hours later, they provided me with an USB flash drive ready for my neighbor and police.

The best part is the Police did catch the bad guys because of Visual Acoustics’ fast actions. We thank you for installing our cameras at the right locations, and my neighbor thanks you for your fast response.